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Noopsyche K7 Pro2

Lighting is one of the most important part in keeping a healthy reef tank. A light has to have 3 major factors in order to promote good coral growth and color.

  • Spectrum

  • Intensity

  • Dependability 

 The k7 Pro2 has what it takes to make your reef thrive with great growth and color whether you ​are keeping just softies or the demanding light soaking SPS coral. No matter what coral habitat you have the K7 will light it.

The K7 has 13 precision mounted led's that can tackle just about any spectrum we can think of.

Using the K7's remote control we are able to dial in the exact wavelength and spectrum we desire. The controller is able to handle up 16 lights at the same time without dropping out.

It's not just the hobbyist that likes the control, coral farms can utilize this to their advantage when having to deal with large vats needing many lights.

You can now buy the Noopsyche K7 Pro2 at The Coral Reef and receive a real USA 1 year warranty with easy tech support.